The Ten Best Selling Photography Props from Wicker By Design

Wicker By Design carries a broad range of excellent photo props made of wicker, wood, metal and willow.  Many photo props have temporary popularity depending on changing consumer tastes.  However, some photo props, like wicker, have endured because of their timeless look and versatility.  Please enjoy our suggestions of "classic poses" and of other unique poses.

1) The Christening Bench could well be described as Wicker By Design's signature photography prop. Its popularity derives from the fact that it can be used for newborns up to five year olds.  The Christening Bench has a wonderful cutaway framing the child by itself.  Infants can be posed lying on their tummy or side sleeping, nestled in the curved end with the Fotowhite pillow.  A three year and its baby or toddler sibling can be placed together with the baby or toddler in rounded enclosed area of the prop with its older brother or sister, naturally keeping them blocked in.  Toddlers and children up to five year olders naturally fit into the size of the piece.  Finally, the Christening Bench is extremely strong. It can hold most standing adults and can withstand the rigor of transportation and multiple sessions at schools or daycares.

2) The Baby Basket, Basket Base and Pillow/Liner together form the classic, elegant bassinet.  In addition, these props are sold separately and can be used independently. The Base comes with a cushion that allows it to be used as a bench for all ages, e.g. a baby sleeping and pushing up on its tummy, and of course as a seat for almost any age, including seniors and adults.

3) Our child and adult swings are wonderful for children with neck and body strength as well as senior girls and adult women.  In addition to seniors, the adult swing easily accomodates a single child facing forward, siblings sitting together and a child sitting sideways with feet tucked under.  The swing is often taken outside for a garden look.  Many photographers have permanent chains with a hook in their studio or garden that hang just above the camera frame height.  This makes it easy to quickly unhook and move the swing to differentlocations or storage.  The child swing is very appropriate for a sitting baby, an older child or even a small teenager. 

4) The Art Nouveau gates are elegant, strong yet surprisingly light metal photo props that come in two heights, 60" and 68". A popular look is a senior or adult standing in front of one or both pieces. Each piece can also be laid on its side to allow a closer frame of a small child.  Another look is to place the child peering through the bars or curlicues.  In addition, a photographer can use two of one size as a beautiful double gate set that enhances a larger background.

5) Wicker By Design offers a baby carriage in two sizes.  Its Victorian look gives both props an extremely beautiful and elegant look without hiding the subject.  The Pillow/Liner that fits the Baby Basket also fits in the larger carriage to allow the baby to be cushioned and safely elevated.  There is no obstructing hood, just a gently angled basket. Children up to five years can also be photographed standing next to the prop.  The larger carriage is sometimes used as a lovely accessory for wedding processions.  The smaller Doll/Infant Carriage can easily accomodate a small infant and/or a doll with an older child or sibling looking on. 

6) OUr line of Backstand Chairs has proven extremely successful over the years.  They come in four sizes, 18", 24", 32" or 36".  The most popular color for the three larger sizes is walnut brown.  The 18" works extremely well in white, white-wash or brown for one to two-year-olds, either as a natural support for standing or sitting.  The 24" Backstand Chair equally can be used as a standing prop, sitting in front or straddled for the two to four-year-olds.  The 32" version works well for sitting smaller seniors and also children. Again, the straddled look works well.  The 36" size is a perfect size for all seniors and adults.  All of the backstand chairs have been shown to be very useful as props for boys.  Finally, all of the Backstand Chairs are extremely strong and can stand virtually any size/weight and are resiliant to damage from transportation and multiple sessions in schools or daycares.  With the addition of slipcovers, the look becomes more classic.  We carry three colors - red, green and ivory.

7) The Baby Bench is an extremely unique small bench with handrests at each end.  It works well for sitting babies up to two-year-olds.  It forms a natural, comfortable sitting platform for the child.  Moreover, an active baby can sit straddled, and it gives the photographer a moment where the child is "frozen" in place. 

8) We sell more of the Beanbag Baby Posers than any of our photo props.  It can be used to pose infants in a variety of ways. Many photographers have trouble working with babies that cannot sit up by themselves. This prop provides an easy way to prop up the baby at good camera angle without using a car seat or having mom hide behind the baby.  Designed specifically for photography, this beanbag molds around the baby's body. Photograph a reclining infant, sitting 6-month-old baby, a baby on its tummy over the high end or newborns curled on their side. Use as a multi-level posing block for two or three children or for an adult on the floor.  We have a detailed link for posing ideas for the Beanbag Baby Poser at

9) The Wicker Baby Poser gives you the classic tilted back pose for babies with sufficient neck and body strength to sit.  The prop comes with a pad and velcro strap to keep the child comformtable and secure.  It is ideal for the 4-6 month old but photographers do use for younger and older babies.

10) The line of three Turkish Chairs continues to meet the needs of photographers, artistically and functionally.  The frame of all the sizes if made of tubular metal (a 300 pound man sat on the Child Turkish with no breakage or "chair groaning").  We recommend the Adult Turkish Chair if you photograph a range of adults, children, babies, seniors and family groups (yes, someone can sit on the arms).  The Child Turkish Chair is the best seller of the three.  The size is perfect for babies and young children; in addition, seniors/young mothers can sit and stretch their legs to the side of the seat.  The most captivating pose is the naked baby lying face down on the cushion (we sell extra cushions).  You can also line the cushion with plastic or cleverly hide a "moisture barrier" with a drape.  If you need to clean the cushio, please dry clean only.

11) Finally, there is an ornate, removable back that is an accessory for the Child and Adult Turkish Chairs.  This photo prop accessory comes with a metal inset for the bench with a velcro; in combination, they create a firm back.  The back adds an artistic element by framing the sitting child or children while giving it a safety element since babies and young children can rest against the back with no threat of falling off the back. 

Over the years, Susan has developed some classic and memorable wicker props that are highly valued by studio photographers for their beauty, functionality and quality.  The props are known for the fact that they weather the hard work of many portrait sessions.  Indeed, we have heard that the name Wicker By Design makes for quick and high return on Ebay!  The wicker line covers the range of baby, child, senior and family portraiture.  They generally can be obtained in white, whitewash and walnut/brown.  The best sellers in the wicker line include the classic christening bench, the baby bed, the wicker swings, Turkish chairs and backstand chairs.  Most of these come in white, whitewash and walnut. 

Props With Unsurpassed Quality and Unique Design
Wicker By Design strives to give prop tools that set the photographer apart from competition, whether that competition comes from other studio photographers and the general public.  The majority of the wicker, wood, willow and metal portrait photography props we sell are exclusive designs. The distinction of owning and using photo props that were originally commissioned as special requests helps to differentiate you from your competition. These are not the ordinary, mass-produced pieces you typically find throughout the Internet. For example, our Christening Bench has a cut-a-way front allowing you to frame the subject.  As a consequence, when your customers sit or use one of our photography props, they are instantly impressed by the quality and excellence that you provide. 

A portrait photographer wants to delight the customer and create an environment in which the customer is energized and excited. The combination of creative talents and a collection of photography props give the portrait photographer the ability to capture poses of the most important times in their subjects lives. Photographers deliver more than a photography portrait; it is a treasured moment suspended in time.  No wonder there are true stories of families running back into a burning home to rescue the family albums.